Friday, November 10, 2006

Time Travel

wade: You could go back in time, be your own dad.
me: Yeah...again

Monday, October 16, 2006

The future is everything

"CBGB is a state of mind. and what's going to happen is young kids all over the world are going to have their own fucking clubs and they won't care about CBGB because they're going to have the new places, and the new places are always the most important." - Patti Smith

Friday, October 13, 2006

Counting from One

critical: don't think of it that way
critical: you'll just confuse yourself
Saint M: well when we count we start at 0
Saint M: I mean 1
critical: no, we start at 0
Saint M: no we don't
critical: when normal people count they start at 1
critical: we start at 0
Saint M: right
critical: right
Saint M: that's what I meant
critical: and normal people are smelly
critical: fuck their counting
critical: they'll never know how wrong they are
critical: until we round them up and send them to be "re-educated"
Saint M: yeah

Friday, August 25, 2006


I (finally) got myself to the Edward (Rolf) Tufte seminar today. Worth every penny. I didn't feel at first that I would be able to make too much use of his practical comments. Perhaps at some point, I will find myself in a position to work on things that are more format oriented. For the while though, I continue to work on projects that have very little (or even none) need of display expertise.

The talk was fascinating, humorous,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Entry

Tap Tap. This Thing On? Test. Test. One Two Three

Friday, August 11, 2006

Late all day

So, I woke up late. I went to bed relatively early, because it was a busy day for me. I have many things that I needed to do, and a time frame to boot. I went to the liquor store to buy wine for the wedding, then I had to go to Lenscrafters to get my contact lenses that just arrived. Then I had to make an excruciatingly slow crawl downtown. I ended up just getting into a taxi cab. I hopped a chinatown bus for Philadelphia, and managed to arrive there at around 5pm. Ish.

I got into a cab there, and got him onto 95 North, and from there to the church where the wedding was to be. I actually managed to get there a half hour ahead of everyone else. Mirabile Dictu! I waited around and read some of the novel I had with me.

The wedding practice went pretty smoothly.

Afterwards, we went out to a small dinner with the wedding party. OJ and MK distributed gifts to the wedding party and their parents. I had no idea that this was typical. They gave me these fantastic cardboard folding travel speakers.

We went to the hotel, and there met with Wes and his wife, Marina. We went to a Bennigan's or something and had some beers. I got back to the hotel, put in a request for a wake-up call and went to bed.